Our Team

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Our Team

Serial Entrepeneur

Nathan Monty

Co-Founder and CEO

Seasoned serial entrepreneur, degrees is engineering and theology. Held various corporate positions through his early career, specializing in specialty machine tool design and manufacturing, and later branched off into the entrepreneur path. Started Litelaser to launch a new technology for laser marking in packaging applications, acquired by Videojet Technologies, part of Danaher Corp. Started Convergent Dental, a laser system for restorative dentistry to remove cavities without anesthesia, www.convergentdental.com. Founded Spatial Surgical, initially funded via multiple government grants, to replace orthopedic saws and drills with an integrated ablation laser and vision system.


Technology and
Intellectual Property

Charles Dresser

Co-Founder and CTO

Charles ┬░Chuck” Dresser holds degrees from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering. He has designed numerous dental and medical laser devices including at Convergent Dental, where he was a member of the early team. Chuck also has been practicing patent law at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, as a patent agent, since 2012. He is a named inventor on over 16 U.S. patents and published patent applications. He has worked with multiple startup companies as a leading member of engineering, research & development, and intellectual property teams.

He enjoys travel, home renovations, and spending time with his young family.