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Why Enamel Pure?

We have fluoride in our toothpaste, water and treatments at the dentist’s office. Still cavities are persistent, and as we age our teeth yellow and become brittle. Fluoride provides a coating or layer of Fluorapatite, on top of our enamel, but the coating is inconsistent, and wears quickly. What do you think about purifying the enamel before the fluoride is applied? The University of California at San Francisco, UCSF, has been publishing research about how to use a laser to vaporize enamel’s impurities leaving a top layer of enamel that is pure and resistant to acid. After the enamel is purified, fluoride is added to increase the protection level.

There are two ways for enamel to fail, 1) A hole can etched through your enamel (called a cavity) and 2) our enamel is thinning constantly. Sugars and carbohydrates break down in our mouth’s and form acid that microscopically breaks down the enamel. Every time we drink a high acid content drink, like fruit juice or soda, the acid in the drink microscopically removes enamel all over our teeth. These microscopic enamel etching events slowly lead to enamel thinning and cavities. Why do teeth look yellow and brittle later in life? Because the enamel has thinned and we can start to see the yellow colored Dentin under the enamel. So what should we do? The UCSF research has shown if teeth are carefully laser treated the enamel is purified by removing carbonate and organics. UCSF scientist’s say “a purer phase enamel results in a more compact crystal lattice, a higher crystallinity and more resistance to acid”. How much more resistant? Enamel Pure treated an enamel sample and immersed it in powerful acid and the laser purified enamel was 10 times more resistant to acid.

At Enamel Pure we figured out how to bring the university classroom to every dental office. Our enamel purification laser system is designed to be used by hygienists all over the world, The system is foolproof, can not harm or over treat the patient, and the end result is “purified enamel” that is 10 times stronger.

Whiter teeth for your whole lifetime?

Fewer cavities?

Stronger thicker enamel?